3rd International Spatial Biology Congress: Europe
Date: July 11 - 12, 2024
Venue: The Hague, The Netherlands
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Global Engage is pleased to announce the 3rd International Spatial Biology Congress: Europe, which is confirmed to be held on 11-12 July 2024 in The Hague, The Netherlands.

In this rapidly developing field, spatial biology provides significant potential for creating novel clinical insights. Recent technological advancements in spatial biology have provided insights into new strategies to prevent and treat disease, particularly the interactions between the tumour and the tumour microenvironment in cancers to target patients to more specific treatments. New spatial research has focused more on the analysis of the transcriptome, epigenome, and metabolomics as well as gene and protein expression to discover how these influence cellular and molecular distributions and interactions.

With a single track over two days, featuring more than 30 presentations, you will discover the latest developments in spatial omics and techniques, bioinformatics, and spatial biology data analysis, as well as the application of spatial biology to disease and drug development. There will also be a dynamic exhibition room filled with providers showcasing their spatial technologies with ample networking opportunities, an interactive panel discussion, roundtables, and a poster competition.

7 Hours of networking time

30+ Speakers

Poster Competition

Why Attend


Discover the insights from molecular mapping of gastrointestinal cancer across space and time


Learn how to reduce image artefacts in multiplex immunofluorescent research


Uncover new information about microscopy-based functional & spatial single cell sequencing technologies

2024 Speakers

Agenda Overview

Date Topic 1 Topic 2
11th July
Spatial multiomics techniques and approaches
Analysis and interpretation of spatial data, bioinformatics, and computational tools
12th July
Application of Spatial Biology in translational and clinical medicine
Interactive Panel Discussion and Roundtables



Poster Presentations

Poster Presentation:

Whether looking for funding, employment opportunities or simply wanting to share your work with a like-minded and focused group, presenting a poster is an excellent way to join the heart of this meeting. Your presentation will be displayed in a dedicated area, with other posters from industry and academia.
Please note that there is limited space available and poster space is assigned on a first-come first served basis (subject to checks and successful registration).

We are holding a poster competition where two entries will be selected, and each given a 15-minute speaking position on the conference agenda. Representatives from solution provider organisations or experts already speaking on the program are not eligible to enter the competition but are welcome to present posters at the meeting as normal.

Poster submissiom Form closing date- 21st June 2024

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